Meet Casey.

Who Am I?

I was raised by a single mother in Southern Missouri. I watched

as my mom fought to carve out a life for us. I suppose she was the

first leader in my life. She had a vision; and refused to move away from it no matter the challenge life presented. 

My youth was stained with poverty, an absent father, insecurity and bad decisions. I always felt however, that I could do better. I felt that I was not living up to my potential. I eventually joined the U.S. Air Force. I needed direction and purpose, and the military certainly provided it.


My very first supervisor wrote on a feedback form that I was "a leader among his peers." I had never been called a leader before. In all honesty, I'm not sure I understood what the word meant. But at that very moment, my lifelong examination of leadership began.

I would eventually obtain a graduate degree in the study of leadership. Along the way, I read and studied the various leadership philosophies that existed. I found that some worked, and some didn't. I found that some people responded to one form of leadership, while others responded to different approaches. I learned that leadership is much less about philosophies and tactics, and much more about conversations and relationships. 

Leadership changes lives. Once we understand that, it is our responsibility to become the very best leader that we can be. 

20 Year Veteran of the
United States Air Force
Ended career within the Top Secret NIGHTWATCH program; serving the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff
Led Learning and Development efforts for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Managed Leadership Development programs for federal and state governments; for profit and non-profit organizations; and for local and global corporations.
John Maxwell Certified
Speaker, Coach and Trainer
Lean/Six Sigma Certified Facilitator
Certificate in Safety
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics